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Welcome to the Quality Travel Solutions website. Our site exists in order to provide you with a one stop portal in which you can find all the links and information about Dial Direct Travel that you might need. One thing that you must do to ensure a smooth and stress free trip is to make sure you fly with a reputable airline which has a strong reputation and a lot of experience with your chosen destination. Often airlines have partnerships with other airlines so that to enable flights to certain destinations a customer will end up flying one part of the trip with one airline, but the rest of it with one the airline’s partners. You will therefore need to research this so as to be sure that the partner airline is also suitably reputable.

When people choose the UK as their holiday destination they have the choice of using various forms of accommodation such as tents, caravans, hostels and chalets. Caravan owners are often left with the dilemma after the winter months of finding spares for their caravans after the cold months and storage has taken its toll.

You will also want to know that you have enough time between the first flight’s arrival and the second flight’s departure, and whether your airline can offer to make any provisions for accommodation should you end up through no fault of your own missing the second flight because the first was delayed. Some of the more reputable airlines will stump up the cost of a hotel room and your meals if you have to wait for another connection. Such unwanted layovers are one of the biggest disadvantages of flying with a commercial airline. While prior planning can help avoid a lot of stress, the only sure way to avoid it is to charter a private jet. If there is anything about Dial Direct Travel that you think our site doesn’t cover and needs to, why not drop us an email and let us know.


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A land of mystic kings and wandering shamans Mongolia remains one of today's most remote and unexplored lands. Wander the steppes where the echoes of Genghis Khans army can still be heard. Meet a people with customs and traditions far removed from your own. Explore a vast land where the eagle soars through a clear sky and the wolf still stalks the wild horse across a treeless plain. To find out more explore use the box below to begin your journey and choose your adventure, click on our holidaty planner, you'll be glad you choose Dial Direct Travel.


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